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St. Patrick's Day Celebration at The Piano Room: Musical Magic and Leprechaun Fun!

Students celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a exciting workshop full of music showcasing the talent of these amazing young stars!! After discovering their unique Leprechaun names, these incredible students performed their prepared songs for each other, filling the studio with melodies and harmonies in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day. I'm so proud of them!

After their stellar performances, we broke into teams and embarked on a Leprechaun scavenger hunt for hidden treasures. We next shared some yummy treats together, and then the teams challenged each other at spelling musical words using their discovered golden coins!

Together, we learned a special song dedicated to our mischievous leprechaun friends and engaged in an epic Irish pirate battle percussion play along, adding a touch of adventure to our workshop!

St. Patrick's Day at The Piano Room was a day of laughter, learning and fun - a celebration of music and friendship!!


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