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My sincerest gratitude...

Thank you to my aunt for giving me the gift of music. From a little girl, she was my inspiration and role model. My wish is that I can continue to pass on her legacy of love and music to every student that I have the privilege of teaching.
Thank you to my parents for their endless love and support. It is through their guidance that I have become the woman that I am today. The Piano Room would not be here without them! I love you both so much, thank you!! 

Thank you to my four beautiful children, Ellen, Bill Jr., Emily and Anthony who bring me more joy and love then they could ever know! They make every day a treasure and continue to inspire me every day! :-)
Thank you to my dearest husband, Bill, for all his love and support!

Thank you to all my students and their parents, past and present, for allowing me to share the gift of music with them. I enjoy each and every day teaching my students and feel blessed to have the opportunity to influence their lives in such a special way.

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