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 "Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." -Benjamin Franklin

The Piano Room is an integrated piano curriculum for children of all ages, serving Monmouth County, New Jersey. It offers students a chance to explore and create with the piano in a positive, supportive environment. The Piano Room offers private one on one lessons in piano, along with opportunities to participate in classes like Music Theory, Music History, and chamber ensembles.

The Piano Room is a Music Preparatory for Pianists that can be taken at any degree the student wishes. Therefore, it is up to the parents and the student to determine how involved he or she wishes to take their level and intensity of study.


My experience and enthusiasm provide students with a quality music education that goes beyond the piano bench.
I encourage all of my piano students to take advantage of the many opportunities that are offered throughout the year. Every experience students involve themselves in instills confidence, poise, discipline, and dedication. These are all important strengths in developing character that they will use throughout their life.

What to expect:

When a student comes to a lesson, a unique individual walks through the door with thoughts and feelings that extend beyond the lesson environment. Providing students a safe, supportive and non-threatening atmosphere motivates and encourages productivity, independence and self-esteem. An atmosphere conducive to learning means smiles, laughter and energy, as well as quieter moments - times for closeness between myself and the student and moments to appreciate the beauty and intricacies of music.

My one-on-one relationship with the student allows me to personalize instruction. To be the best teacher I can be, I continue to grow and try new and innovative ways of sparking their interest and enthusiasm. The types and quantities of activities I cover also will vary from student to student and from lesson to lesson, depending on factors such as student age and maturity level, ability level, motivation level, upcoming activities and so forth. I feel that I have the ability to gauge an appropriate repertoire pace for a student and this is crucial for motivation and progress. No two students are exactly alike, and adjustments need to be made throughout the duration of the student-teacher relationship. Some of the criteria I use to determine repertoire pace are age, maturity level, personality type, learning style, learning rate, learning patterns and changes in progress. My goal is that each student will develop a well-trained ear, good technique, and understand the basics of music theory, history and musical styles. Besides solo repertoire, students in my studio perform ensemble music and I try to include a variety of activities that help students listen intelligently to music, advancing artistically and scholastically.

Our History:
The Piano Room began over 20 years ago with a small group of students in Ocean Township and continued to grow over the years, eventually serving two locations, in both Coastal and Southern New Jersey. The studio was home to over 40 students and participated in numerous performance opportunities and events throughout the years. Currently The Piano Room is back where it originated, in Ocean Township, New Jersey, with a smaller group of students performing locally and throughout the tri state area. Starting in 2017, The Piano Room will be offering a new program for preschoolers and young beginners to learn piano. Ms. Toni is now licensed and trained in an exciting new curriculum, KiddyKeys, designed to teach the youngest beginners piano. 

Along with students having the opportunity to participate in the annual National Piano Playing Guild Auditions, Piano Evaluations, Recitals and Student workshops, here are some other proud accomplishments from over the years:

2020 & 2024 Performances at Brookdale Community College's Performing Arts Center for The Cecilian Music Club's Monster Concert

2017 Performance at Princeton University for the Music-Fest Sounds of Music Recital
2016 Performance at Temple University in Philadelphia with Lang Lang International Music Foundation - 101 Pianists Program
2013 Performance at CBS Studios in Philadelphia for the Ronald McDonald House Children Helping Children Performathon
2005 Performance at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia for the UNICEF Play for Peace Performathon

2001 World Trade Center Benefit Recital in Rumson, NJ

Studio Offerings

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