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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Students enjoyed activities this month in honor of St. Patrick's Day. We celebrated by composing songs and learning how to notate them on the staff. We played a fun game from Wunderkeys to teach and reinforce treble clef notes to beginning students. Composing is a wonderful way to further strengthen note reading skills! After students composed their St. Patrick's day compositions, they were able to see their hard work with a printed "professional" copy to keep. I'm very proud of all their enthusiastic and creative efforts! Their songs were amazing, and I found myself humming the tunes all week - I have a group of truly talented young composers! :) Another fun part of lessons this month has been our musical mat. This mat has been an exciting way for students to work on spatial awareness of the keyboard away from the bench. This unique way of exploring works wonders for perception and recognition at the keyboard! Be sure to check below to see some of the fun we've been having in lessons!

Enjoy Emily's St. Patrick's Day song, "Leprechaun Hiding and Dancing"!

Below you can see two videos of Anthony practicing his St. Patrick's composition; first on the musical mat and then at the piano. Great job!!

Special thanks to Andrea Dow for continually inspiring and providing amazing resources, and to Sean Healy for helping with our completed professional scores!!


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