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Happy Holidays!

We rang in 2020 with a fun and festive workshop over the weekend. I'm so proud of all of my students for their dedication towards preparing for our annual holiday party. I realize that this time of year can be extremely busy with school, sports, extracurricular activities and holiday parties, and I appreciate all their efforts towards finding time to practice. Their music brought joy to all and truly captured the holiday spirit. After listening to students' beautiful holiday songs, we broke into teams for exciting games and challenges! Students battled at building a "snowman" made out of marshmallows using only chopsticks, had a candy cane "fishing" contest, built a "reindeer", competed in "snowball" relay races, and drew winter masterpieces with their eyes closed to recount just some of the fun from the evening! The laughter and energy that filled the room was truly contagious! These students are the best group of kids, and I am truly blessed to enjoy these special moments with them. Please be sure to view the photos below capturing some of the magic from the evening. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and here's to a Happy and Healthy 2020!



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