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Autumn Workshop

We were so lucky to have Vivian join us for our workshop this weekend. With careful planning, her mother and I were able to coordinate with Vivian's college Fall Break. We started our workshop off with a "Q&A session" filled with questions that our students came up with to ask Vivian about college. We learned so much and we're especially happy to know that Vivian is loving her freshman year so far at Smith College! Next, students shared their songs for one another and then we played a fun theory game, testing our rhythm skills. Since my son, Bill, is taking drum lessons, I decided to have him play some challenging rhythms on the drums while the students listened and chose their selection off the poster. The poster had several similar rhythm sets which students had to carefully listen and choose which one Bill played. Bill did an excellent job and the students had a fun time testing their aural theory skills! Before we had pizza, students created their own pumpkins to decorate our piano wall. We are definitely in the Halloween spirit!! Lastly, a huge special thanks to Ashton for sharing his delicious homemade applesauce with me!! :)



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