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Back to School Workshop

It's that time of year again!! Hard to believe it, but school's back in session and we started the academic year off with an awesome workshop! Congratulations to Emily for her stellar first performance!! After listening to all of the pieces, students split into pairs to work on composing their own arrangement to "Rock Your Way Back to School", which they then performed along with the accompanying duet part. (Thanks TPT for this awesome activity!). Some students added lyrics to their compositions - Be sure to check them out below! While enjoying pizza and cookies, we played Music "This or That" (Thanks Wendy Stevens!), which provided many thought provoking questions where we learned a lot about each other! As usual, a super fun time was had all around! :-)

Rocking Back to School, arr. by Catherine and Quinn "Time to get up! Please don't miss the bus, People are gross on the bus Math is hard! ​Math is hard! Now it's time to go to lunch School is over, I got through the day Math is VERY hard! Math is STILL hard!"


Click on the video below to hear Emma and Ellen's composition!

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