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Happy Holidays!

Throughout the busy holiday season, students worked extremely hard at juggling school, sports, extra curricular activities and their piano practice. I'm especially proud of everyone for all their effort in preparing for our annual holiday party. I know how very difficult this time of year can be for many and I admire their dedication! At our holiday workshop, students came together and shared their music with one another, followed by playing exciting games and activities. Teams battled to see who would win, with lots of laughs filling the room as they strategized over their methods to defeat their opponents. After all the fun games, students enjoyed pizza and sweets, while we created our very own Winter Song Remix, (a fun spin on Mad Libs) and played a game of "Would you Rather", where students read silly holiday scenarios and went around the room sharing their answers. It was such a special evening, filled with beautiful music, much laughter and tons of smiles. Please make sure to see the photos below capturing some memories from the evening, as well as our holiday video featuring the students holiday songs! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy and healthy start to the New Year!


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