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Summer at The Piano Room

After a spectacular piano recital, students have had a busy summer filled with work schedules, sleep away camps, sports and vacations! Despite their filled calendars, students still found time to continue to share their piano music with others. Catherine played for an assisted living facility in Wall Township and Emma made for an impromptu performance in a local hospital lobby. It's so wonderful to see how students continue to touch others with their gifts of music.

This summer, some students also participated in a piano camp, where we focused on selected piano duets and ensembles. Students worked together and accomplished a great deal in such a short time! We worked on classical and popular music, as well as composing original duets using common chord progressions in the Circle of Fifths. Vivian was my assistant during one of our camp sessions, and led some of the younger students through musical rhythm games and also facilitated their duet practice. It was a great experience for all, and I hope to continue practicing these duet selections throughout September so that we can perform them at our next workshop in the fall! Here are some photos and videos of the students hard at work over the summer!

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