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Emily's Piano Graduation

Congratulations, Emily! Emily started piano lessons with me when she was just 7 years old and now she's moving on to pursue music education at James Madison University. Emily's creativity and positivity inspired all of the students at The Piano Room. Her joyous upbeat attitude and laughter were contagious to all those around her. Emily was not only my piano student, but also became a trusted babysitter and my assistant at the workshops. Below you will find a slideshow showcasing Emily's years taking piano lessons with me.

This year marked The Piano Room's second surprise farewell party, so planning had to be extra creative to ensure that Emily was indeed surprised!! With the help of all the students, it was a huge success and a fun time was had by all. We kept in tradition of Alexa's farewell party and played the same fun games, "Pack the Suitcase" and Taboo, enjoyed pizza and shared memories. We also presented Emily with her slideshow, while we all enjoyed the delicious cannolis that Alexa brought, decorated with JMU's colors for sprinkles. :-) Emily also has 3 "challenges" that she's to complete within her first semester at JMU, which we're excited to follow along and see how she does! We all will miss Emily and her amazing piano and singing; but we look forward to seeing her on her breaks and will continue to keep in touch. :-)

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