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Spring Workshop

We had so much fun at our workshop this past weekend. Alexa was on spring break and was able to join us, which was exciting for everyone! We sure have missed her! Ellen surprised everyone by performing her song just days after her cast came off - way to go, Ellen! Vivian amazed us all by flawlessly performing three songs - wow, great work and preparation!! Quinn and Emma performed popular songs that they both learned for their fathers :-) ... You could see all the dedication and practice it took on both their parts to learn such challenging arrangements! We're hoping Emily can be at the next workshop to sing along for even more fun! Catherine played a beautiful piece that students enjoyed coming up with song titles for. They all channeled their creative sides and put in their votes for a title to match the wonderful piece she played for us. Lastly, a huge Bravo to Bill, who made his first solo debut! Bill played two great songs for us and students pointed out his excellent posture and super steady tempo - we all were very proud of him for his first solo performance! After all the great music, we had some fun playing Piano Races, where the students raced up the keyboard as Lego figures. Congratulations, Quinn, on winning the race! Then Alexa helped lead the group as they sight read some traditional songs with Boomwhackers. That was a lot of percussive fun! After having some yummy pizza together, everyone made sure they shared some love with our new puppy, George, before they said goodbye!

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