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Time for Alexa's next challenge!

Alexa completed her first 3 challenges at PSU!

We need 3 new challenges! Ideas?? Brainstorm!!

Here's a recap of her first challenges from our farewell party:

1. Text a picture of yourself eating a "grilled stickie"

Legend has it ... The world famous Grilled Stickies are a PSU tradition as old as the school itself. Served at the 24 hour downtown diner, these treats are available all day, every day. You can't graduate without trying one of these. Alumni all over the world have the ability to order packs of these for delivery, so they never have to give up their once beloved tradition.

2. Text a picture of yourself having Creamery ice cream

Legend has it ... This Berkey Creamery is world famous and the largest university creamery in the United States. The ice cream sherbet and cheese served here are all made through the Department of Food Science in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

3. Text a picture of yourself at the Lion Shrine

Legend has it ... This is great place to take graduation pictures or family photos, as this shrine serves a symbol of the university. You can't attend PSU without getting at least one picture with the famous Nittany Lion. After the homecoming parade, the Lion Ambassadors will host an event around the Shrine filled with music, food and activities.

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