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Students came together this weekend for an exciting Halloween workshop! Following with the tradition of years past, we started off with a spooky piano performance by the students dressed up in their costumes. Afterwards, we split into teams for a challenging scavenger hunt and a create a scarecrow contest. As part of their scavenger hunt challenge, students had to create their own video skits and musical compositions. Their creativity was awe inspiring! Make sure to check out the videos to see their amazing work! We finished our workshop by enjoying pizza and tasty desserts as students tapped into their crafty sides and created origami pianos. Fun times, as always!! :-)

The competition was intense, with different strategies approached by each team. The baseball player, football player, cowgirl and Stitch got right to work on finding their items for the scavenger hunt while the other team decided to focus more of their time towards their video skit and composition. Both teams worked collaboratively together and most importantly everyone had a blast! After tallying up all the scores, Emily Dickinson, the werewolf and the baby won by just 5 points, receiving a total 87 out of 100 points. I also surveyed some impartial judges for the scarecrows, and the Wounded Pirate received the most votes. Both teams did an amazing job - I was totally impressed by the hard work and creativity that all the students possessed. Happy Halloween to all!

  • Toni Adams

After a spectacular piano recital, students have had a busy summer filled with work schedules, sleep away camps, sports and vacations! Despite their filled calendars, students still found time to continue to share their piano music with others. Catherine played for an assisted living facility in Wall Township and Emma made for an impromptu performance in a local hospital lobby. It's so wonderful to see how students continue to touch others with their gifts of music.

This summer, some students also participated in a piano camp, where we focused on selected piano duets and ensembles. Students worked together and accomplished a great deal in such a short time! We worked on classical and popular music, as well as composing original duets using common chord progressions in the Circle of Fifths. Vivian was my assistant during one of our camp sessions, and led some of the younger students through musical rhythm games and also facilitated their duet practice. It was a great experience for all, and I hope to continue practicing these duet selections throughout September so that we can perform them at our next workshop in the fall! Here are some photos and videos of the students hard at work over the summer!

  • Toni Adams

Congratulations, Emily! Emily started piano lessons with me when she was just 7 years old and now she's moving on to pursue music education at James Madison University. Emily's creativity and positivity inspired all of the students at The Piano Room. Her joyous upbeat attitude and laughter were contagious to all those around her. Emily was not only my piano student, but also became a trusted babysitter and my assistant at the workshops. Below you will find a slideshow showcasing Emily's years taking piano lessons with me.

This year marked The Piano Room's second surprise farewell party, so planning had to be extra creative to ensure that Emily was indeed surprised!! With the help of all the students, it was a huge success and a fun time was had by all. We kept in tradition of Alexa's farewell party and played the same fun games, "Pack the Suitcase" and Taboo, enjoyed pizza and shared memories. We also presented Emily with her slideshow, while we all enjoyed the delicious cannolis that Alexa brought, decorated with JMU's colors for sprinkles. :-) Emily also has 3 "challenges" that she's to complete within her first semester at JMU, which we're excited to follow along and see how she does! We all will miss Emily and her amazing piano and singing; but we look forward to seeing her on her breaks and will continue to keep in touch. :-)

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