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Happy Valentine's Day!

This February, students came together to make beautiful music, play fun musical games and meet new friends! It was an exciting afternoon, all while celebrating the month of love. Some of our students performed for their very first time in front of a small group, and I was so proud of all of them! Our workshops provide a wonderful opportunity for students to become comfortable with performing in front of a small group of supportive peers, allowing them to gain confidence and experience! Our newest student, Savannah, surprised me with a beautiful improv performance after having only a handful of lessons....Amazing! Each student performed like a star, including bows for our audience to conclude their performances. Bravo to all!!

After the performance part of our workshop, we broke into small groups to foster our creative sides and compose our own Valentine's songs! Next, we used colorful candies to learn and create rhythms in a fun and creative way! We also used the candies to make musical symbols in an exciting race against the opposing team!! We played a "Hot Potato Variation" game while listening to the suspenseful music of Antonio Vivaldi's "Winter" from the Four Seasons. When the music stopped, the student caught holding the bag had to answer the musical question or perform the musical charade indicated on their card - This game brought LOTS of giggles! The entire afternoon was filled with smiles and laughs, and I'm truly looking forward to the next workshop with these wonderful students!


Listen to Tommy's amazing performance of Gathering Storm by Wendy Stevens! Tommy recently started piano lessons and he has worked very hard t0 accomplish such a difficult piece so quickly! His dedication and hard work certainly paid off - Bravo!

Special thanks to Andrea Dow and Wendy Stevens for your resources and wonderful inspiration!


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