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Happy Halloween!

At our studio, the arrival of Halloween brings with it one of our most cherished traditions – the annual Halloween workshop! This year's celebration proved to be another delightful success, filled with music, laughter, and plenty of spooky surprises. To start off the workshop, our students performed spooky songs dressed in their most creative costumes which set the perfect tone for an afternoon of Halloween fun!

On our scavenger hunt, teams navigated through clever challenges that included mummy wraps and the creation of original Halloween skits. There was a series of team challenges, like creating their own scarecrows and assembling skeletons. And who could forget the candy corn contest?! Students also composed their own Halloween masterpieces and played along with familiar Halloween songs on Boomwhackers and Bucket Drums! These students never cease to amaze me, and their enthusiasm for the annual Halloween celebration truly makes this event a highlight of the year! Happy Halloween!!

Check out the videos below to see a sneak peak into the studio's unforgettable event!


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