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Back to School Workshop

We kicked off the new school year with a fun Back-to-School workshop! After students performed their prepared songs for each other, we then enjoyed musical activities all in the spirit of the new school year. Working in teams, we made words out of the musical alphabet using "apple" notes on floor keyboards, and then we created musical symbols out of Smarties candies! We also made mini pianos using Kit Kats - Yum! Continuing in teams, students worked together to compose their own arrangement of "Rock Your Way Back to School", inspired by Andrea Dow. The collaborative effort was amazing and the students had so much fun!

Students also loved the "Crazy 8ths" card game, which has always been a classic favorite over the years. To celebrate all the upcoming studio birthdays, students gave a "Happy Birthday" performance on Boomwhackers!

Best wishes to all my students for a successful school year ahead! I'm looking forward to working with all of you! Enjoy some pictures from our Back-to-School Workshop below!


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